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Natural Resources & Environmental Sustainability Services

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Striving for an Environmentally Sustainable Future


We are committed towards the conservation of diminishing natural resources, and integrate concepts of environmental sustainability in development. Our environmental scientists are constantly engaged in reviewing and documenting best practices on environmental sustainability that could be incorporated into various development projects.

Our current services related to natural resources and environmental sustainability are aimed at helping our clients to reduce their environmental footprint by adopting practices that conserve, restore and replace the natural resources used in their operations. We will continue to keep abreast of technological advances in this sector and expand our services related to environmental sustainability.

Overview of our Natural Resource & Environmental Sustainability Services:

Natural Resource Services
Natural Resource Services

Biodiversity monitoring

Wetland Delineation Surveys

Cultural Resources Surveys

Environmental Restoration

Environmental Management Systems Program Development and Audits

NEPA Compliance Services (Preparation of EA, EIS and CATEX)

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species Studies

Indoor Environmental Quality Inspections for LEED® and/or Energy Star® Certifications

Natural Resources Management Plans